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Carriage Cardboard Cat House


The Carriage Cardboard Cat House is cat furniture for a true aristo-cat. All kitties have blue blood coursing through their veins! The royal heritage of our feline friends is evident in the way they treat us when something that annoys them. So bow to the Kitty King and show your loyalty by offering him the Carriage Cardboard Cat House.

This sophisticated toy-carriage will transport you and your cat straight into a fairy tale. And what a wonderful fairy tale it will be! Just imagine your proud feline monarch touring its territories in the carriage and graciously waving to all the subjects gathered on the way. Just picture all the exciting adventures, elaborate feasts and historic moments you get to experience as part of the royal entourage! We wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a real dragon somewhere on the way! Now, that’s a perk that rarely comes with a pet toy.

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