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DJ Spin Cardboard Scratching Deck


DJ Spin Cardboard Scratching Deck

Let your little DJ spin his own tune on the DJ Spin Cardboard Scratching Deck. Cats scratch furniture to exercise, mark their territory and just for sheer pleasure, so why not mix that natural instinct with a bit of fun? The Cat Scratch Turntable comes flat packed and is easy to assemble. With movable tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws it, you can sit back and giggle in a “look the cat is doing human things!” way, rather than watch in horror as they shred the arm of your new sofa. Comes complete with illustrated, easy to follow instructions. A fun addition to any cat loving household!

Buy Now

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Adjustable Cat Washing Mesh Bags

Adjustable Cat Washing Mesh Bags – $8.99

Cat Costume Face Mask

Cat Costume Face Mask – $24.95